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Head to Toe: Amazon Fashion - Day to Night

Head to Toe: Amazon Fashion - Day to Night

hiiii babes!

I am soooooo excited to start this new series on the blog!! I’m all about easy and for the most part affordable outfits and I feel like a lot of you can relate… right?!

So as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, the Head to Toe series is where I select one store and buy a complete head to toe outfit from it. My picks will always be good quality but still wont break the bank, and sometimes I may even challenge myself with a price limit.

I decided to start with Amazon becauseeeee.. Amazon is life, to be honest. There’s really nothing better than browsing online and all your beautiful purchases show up 48 hours later.. if you have prime, which if you don't…. wyd with your life?!?!

I’ve been buying clothes on amazon for a while now and I think it’s kind of a hidden secret. A lot of people don't think to shop for clothes on the same website they buy books and Tupperware from. But trust meeeee, they got the goods!

For my first Head to Toe post, I decided to do a day to night look centered around one super cute top. I love how versatile this top is and how easily it can go from business women chic to date night slay honeyyyyy!

Day outfit:


I am so happy with the way this top fit. A lot of times when I see “Deep V” I get a little worried. I’ve always been a member of the itty bitty titty committee so my cleavage isn't anything to write home about, ya know? Luckily, this top was not too low and actually really flattering on the bosoms. It’s such a soft and comfy material but still looks classy and presentable.


I am in love with the material of these pants! They are so flattering and unlike some other “work style” pants, do not cling to you at all! The paper bag hem and tie belt really cinch in your waist. The only thing I would change about these is the leg, I just need it a littttttle bit tighter around the calf and ankle. Other than that, they are perfect and will officially be in my work outfit rotation!


I will 100000% get my moneys worth out of these babies! I have a similar (and much more expensive) pair of nude strappy heels that I wear to pretty much every special occasion I go to. It will be great to have a black pair as well. The heel is nice and chunky and not too high so they’re perfect for long period of time (like a 9-5 shift!)


I really love how this look came together. I think it’s really classy, practical for Fall time (maybe except for having your toes out but beauty is pain my friends), and most importantly comfortable. There is nothing worse than feeling trapped in your clothes for a whole 8 hours.


Night Outfit:

Alright nowwwww, let me set the scene! You just got paid…. it’s Friday night (are you singing along with me?!) you’re ready to get out of your work clothes and into something a little more fun. Keep the shirt, ditch the pants, grab some booties, add a red lip & some jewels and you are ready for a night out!


This layered necklace trend is like… my favorite trend ever. I live for dainty yet outfit boosting jewelry. I usually don't like the layered necklaces that come together with one clasp because I like to have to option to switch it up but this set is actually perfect. Each chain is the perfect length! This will definitely look good with all kinds of tops.


I’ve tried for a while to make the “boyfriend jean” look work for me but the way these legs are set up, honey… they’re just a no go. On the model, these jeans definitely look a little more loose fit than they are on me but like I said, the way these legs are set upppp! The fit is okay with me because I like my jeans on the tighter side. The quality is really great, they’re nice and stretchy but not to the point where they get baggy after a while of wearing them (like honestly.. wtf is that?!?!?!)

These aren't advertised as high waisted jeans but on me they’re a nice mid to high rise. They’re a little long on me but I’m into the cuff so that’s fine. The leg fit is a little out of my comfort zone.. like I mentioned, I like a true skinny ankle but I actually don't mind the straight leg. I’m interested to see how they look tucked into boots when it gets a little colder.


These freakin booties might just be my favorite piece from the entire haul. They are so cute, so comfortable, so wearable.. I’m in love! I can just think of all the cute fall and winter outfits I’ll be able to finish off with these babies. There’s also a suede pair that sure won’t mix well with snow but they suuuuure will look cute!


If you’re anything like me, your purse is filled with a ton of unnecessary shit so to avoid all that.. I picked out a tinyyyyy little bag that will literally only fit my phone, ID/money/credit card and some lipstick. I got it in red to add some flair to the outfit and to be honest I really don't need any more black bags! I paired this look with a classic red lip because I mean…. nothing will dress up a look like some red lipstick.


Amazon Tips:

As you can see, I’ve linked everything I wore above but if you want to venture off and pick some of your own things.. I have a few tips for you!

- Take time to browse through items. The shirt I chose is a perfect example, from the main search menu it looks like a pretty simple black top but when you click on it, there are 31 different options you can choose from. From different colors to different sleeve length, the options are endless.

- ALWAYS read the customer reviews and look at the customer pictures. Unfortunately, sometimes the item may not be as cute or good quality as it looks in the pictures posted by the seller. I’ve changed my mind on plenty of items after looking at the customer pictures.

- A lot of times different sizes will have different prices. Even if the price listed on the main search page is a little out of my budget, I’ll click through and check out my size to see if it’s any cheaper. This is a hit or a miss sometimes but it’s worth the shot if you really like the item!

- Take advantage of the free returns! My least favorite part about shopping online is how difficult some shops make it to return. Nothing gets me going more than having to PAY TO RETURN some shit that didn't fit me! Luckily Amazon gets me and would never make me pay <3 <3

oh my gosh… I think that’s it for my very first Head to Toe post! I really hope you guys enjoyed it and are excited to see what other stores will be included in the series. I had so much fun searching for these items and piecing each look together! I can see why there are so many fashion bloggers now a days, this shit is a blast!

I cant wait for the next one peeps! Until then…

Noted, Nina

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