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Spring Essentials!

Spring Essentials!

Hi babes!

It's my favorite time of year! Spring is such a fun season. The weather starts getting nicer, the sun stays out later, super cute trends, my birthdaaaaay! I know I'm a little late, Spring started like a month and a half ago, but hey! Better late than never. I couldn't not share my Spring essentials with you guys, so here they are!


Nude Lips - Spring time is a little too early for bright colored lips and too late for dark colored lips, so my vote is for a nude lip! 

It is so hard to find a nude lip that's perfect for you. There are just so many different skin tones and undertones that 1 color can look different on 10 different people. This set from Sephora would be perfect if you're on the hunt for your perfect nude lippie. You'll get to try out different shades, formulas and brands without breaking the bank on all full sizes.  

Another nude lip option is my holy grail lip gloss, White Russian by Buxom. This is really the only gloss I ever wear. It's so comfortable, not too sticky or thick, and the color is perfect. It does have that little cooling/tingling effect which I personally don't mind. It's the cutest pale pink, wet looking, your-lips-but-better kinda gloss. LOVE!


Skin Care - I don't know about you guys but when it starts to get a little warmer out, I want to have less and less makeup on. Don't get me wrong, I'll still beat my face to the gawwwds in April-August but on a regular day it's amazing to be fresh-faced. That's why skin care is soooo super important (all year round, but especially now).

I recently placed an order with Glossier and honey, yes. I got the Phase 1 set which comes with their Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, and Balm dotcom. I've been using them for about a week and a half which I know is a little soon to really see if you like a skin care product but.. when you know, you know. The cleanser doubles as a make up remover which is even better. It's so gentle on eyes and sensitive skin and doesn't give you that dried out skin feeling after washing.

Spring and flowers just go hand in hand so it's only right that you incorporate some flowers into your skincare! This Fresh Rose Face Mask is sooooo good, a little expensive, but so good. I really love the Aztec Secrets Clay Mask but that shit is so intense, my face is super red after using it. I always put this on after and it calms my skin right down. And I feel hella boujee while using it, win win!


 Dewy Skin  - I'm usually a matte skin kinda girl because my skin is so oily what I just end up looking dewy by the end of the day. But lately I've been using a few different products to give me a more dewy, natural skin look. 

First is the Colourpop highlight in Lunch Money. I love the color of this, it's a nice pearl highlight and it's really buildable. I add a little on the highpoints of my cheeks and maybe if I'm feeling extra sassy, a little on my nose. The formula is amazing, it's super creamy so you won't have chunks of glitter on your face.

Next is any type of face spray. Whether it be priming spray, finishing spray or just a facial mist, it will really make you glow. I was using a priming spray before I got the Glossier priming moisturizer and I really liked it. I am in love with using a finishing spray. Not only does it lock everything in, it mixes it all together. If you use any powder products, you'll know that sometimes you can look a little cakey. Just hit yourself with a little spritz and you're golden. And a regular facial mist is perfect for an instant pick me up.



 Canvas Shoes - Thanks to my sister for telling me that these had an actual name, I always called them "little sneakers". But anyways, call them what you want, just know they're my new obsession. Spring is such an awkward time, especially in Boston. Most of the time it's too warm for boots, it's too cold for sandals, and it's most likely raining so flats are just a no go. 

You can either go with slip on shoes or lace up shoes. I personally like the slip on because... #lazy. I'd definitely recommend getting "no-show" socks for these. You don't wanna wear no socks cause then your feet will stink and you don't wanna wear full socks cause then you'll look like a nerd (unless that's what you're going for, then rock that nerdy chic girl!)


Off The Shoulder Clothes - I'm LIVING for this off the shoulder trend! I've never worn it before this Spring but now it's literally all I wanna wear. I wore an off the shoulder dress to my cousin wedding, off the shoulder body suit to my sister bridal shower, and just bought another off the shoulder shirt that I'm waiting to wear.

We're in the middle of wedding and graduation season, I think this dress would be perfect for either one! Dress it up with nice jewelry and shoes for a wedding or go more simple with nude wedges and dainty jewelry for your graduation or as a guest to one.

Denim - Another trend that just makes me looooove Spring. There are so many different ways to wear denim, you can dress it up, make it more casual, it's actually super universal. I most likely won't be wearing much denim in the summer (maxi dress season bitches) so now is the perfect time.

Everyone needs a denim jacket. I repeat, EVERYONE needs a denim jacket. I recently got this oversized one at Forever 21 and I just feel like most Instagram-able basic bitch ever.. but I'm okay with that. The over sized jackets are definitely more casual looking than other ones, so I'll be pairing this with some black jeans or leggings and some canvas sneakers, all season!

I'm actually kinda amped that denim skirts are coming back. I think a light wash or white denim skirt with a cute (maybe off the shoulder) shirt and some strappy heels would be so bomb so like a Spring Saturday. Ugh, yes.. live for a Spring Saturday.


Self Tanner - Spring is the perfect time to start getting your tan on fleek but realistically, it's probably not gonna happen. There aren't too many good "tanning" days in the Spring months andddd.. tanning in a bed is just soooo bad for you. Self tanner is really your only option!

I bought this St Moritz Self Tanning Mousse recently at Ulta and even though I haven't used it yet... I know it's good. This comes highly recommended by my sister, my aunt and pretty much all of my favorite beauty influencers.


Water Tumbler - Literally the best advise anyone can ever give you is "stay hydrated". It helps everything: skin, hair, digestion, brain, everything. Your health will just overall approve when you're drinking enough water. My tip is, no matter where you are.. make sure water is near by.

I'm obsessed with my Bubba tumbler. I fill this up and keep it beside me at work and just chug chug chug all day long. It's big enough so that I don't need to keep getting up and filling it and the silicone sleeve keeps it nice and cold.

This portable water bottle would be perfect for my on the go peeps. You could throw this in your bag on your walk to work/school, take it with you to the gym, keep it in your car while you're doing errands. Like I said, if you have water around you everywhere you go, staying hydrated will be so much easier.

Planner - I don't know about you but I literally hibernate during the Winter. If you're ever wondering where I am... I'm home! Once Spring rolls around, I can't wait to start making plans and actually living my life. I NEED a planner, I would be lost without mine. Reminders in your phone are nice but there's nothing like good old fashioned pen and paper notes.

I've had a Bloom planner for the past 2 years and I love them! They're nice and small so you can just throw them in your purse and they have a bunch of cute designs.

Spring Candles - Is there honestly anything better than having your windows open, a nice spring breeze is coming through and the smell of a Bath and Body Works candle is just filling the room?! No, no there isn't.

I picked up these candles recently and I've been burning them non-stop. The Honey Suckle Bouquet is the perfect Spring scent. It'll make your room smell like you have 12 dozen flowers laying around your room.

The Wild Sage & Aloe candle is definitely not one that I would normally go for by just reading the name. But, let me just tell you it's soooo good. It's so relaxing, perfect for your pampering night!

There are all my must have products for this season. I'm sad that Spring is actually almost over! It's been pretty rainy so far so hopefully it turns around for the last stretch of it. Let me know what products you guys can't live without this season. Until next time!

Noted, Nina

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