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Top 12 Favorite Podcasts!

Top 12 Favorite Podcasts!

Hi babes!

As you know from previous posts, one of my favorite things to do is.... exactly what my sister Lissie does. So, a while ago she told me she had been listening to podcasts and that I should check them out. I probably said something along the lines of: "Podcasts?! Bitch, are you 50?! Who listens to podcasts?" Eventually, I gave in and started listening to the ones she recommended to me and I realized podcasts aren't just about politics or like the stock market or some boring shit like that. There are actually entertaining.

I listen to podcasts ALL day at work, I honestly don't think I would make it through the day without them. I wanted to share with you some of my favorites and (if you're a skeptic like I was) open your eyes to the wonderful world of podcasts!

The Read

The Read is my absolute favorite podcast. I just started listening about a year ago but went back and listened to every old episode I could get my hands on. I've literally laughed out loud at my desk listening to these two. They're hardcore members of the Bey Hive (which is always a plus), they're so unpredictable, they're hilarious, and they're unapologetically real when it comes to what is going on not only in pop culture, but in the real world. I just love them and everything they stand for so much... like, Me + Kid Fury + Crissle = BFF.


My Favorite Murder

Okay.. maybe there's a tie for first place because I really really love My Favorite Murder, too! It's no surprise that my sister and I turned out to be true crime fanatics since our mother had us watching murder shows since we were about 8 (that sounds like child abuse but trust me, we loved it!) Karen and Georgia host the show and every week they share *drumroll* their favorite murders! They're interesting, scary, thought provoking, and sometimes even funny (god forgive me). If you don't have a good sense of humor, don't listen. I met Karen & Georgia at their live show in Boston and they were so sweet, it just made me love them even more!


Style Your Mind

If you follow me on Insta (@notednina) you'll know that I'm obsessed with Cara. I've reposted a bunch of her pictures, shared quotes and poems from her books, and I've included her work and wise words in some of my blog posts. She's so empowering, and smart and unique. Her podcast is pretty much a therapy session but in a cool, bad ass way. She's a certified life coach and some of the things she talks about or questions she asks really gets me thinking about the little (or big) things I can change in my life to improve it.


Uptown Girls

I just started listening to this podcast a few weeks ago and I'm already addicted. The show is hosted by three girls from New York and every episode is different from the last. They talk about finances, brazilian waxes, photography, poems, politics, feminism, owning a business, f*ck boys. Whatever you're looking for, they got it! I know Bostonians and New Yorkers are supposed to have beef but I'm obsessed with these girls!



Criminal is so interesting. I've listened to certain episodes over a few times because they're just that good. Each episode is an interview with someone who was somehow connected to a crime, but not like... robbing a bank or killing someone crime. They're all strange crimes, like crimes you sometimes wouldn't even know are crimes. Just listen, I promise you'll be intrigued.


Lady Lovin'

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.03.39 PM.png

Lady Lovin' is another one that just covers it all. One week they're talking about sexting, then women's health, then working out, building a business, make up and beauty tricks. If you're an OG MTV watcher, you'll recognize one of these lovely ladies as thee Lo Bosworth from Laguna Beach (such a classic). They have really great guests on that are just as funny and knowledgeable as they are.


Fat Mascara

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.03.39 PM.png

Fat Mascara is my love of podcasts and my love of beauty all mixed in one. It's amazing. Every week Jess & Jen talk about new beauty trends, products, studies, everything! They have guests on the show that are beauty icons that just share all this amazing beauty knowledge that I never knew I needed to know but am so glad I do now! ... Wow so passionate. It's goooood!


The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

This show is hosted by Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick. She's the creator of the super popular blog "The Skinny Confidential" and he is an entrepreneur and business man. They share super helpful tips on how to stay motivated, how to run a successful business, how to ignore negative people, everything! It's definitely a millennial's dream.


Lady Gang

The Ladygang was one of the first podcasts I listened to and it is one of the reasons I am as addicted as I am. Keltie, Becca & Jac chat every week with a guest (who's usually famous) and gets the dirt on the ups and downs of Hollywood. They share their "good week/bad week" stories that are always hilarious. It's super girly and relatable, it's like talking to your girlfriends (or just listening to them talk.... since it's a podcast.... and you're not really apart of the conversation *shrug*)


The Bitch Bible

The Bitch Bible is for the reality tv loving, shit talking, wine drinking, basic bitches (no shade). Jackie Schimmel is the host and you never really know what's gonna come out of her mouth. If you need a break from real life problems and want to listen to what happened on Real Housewives of wherever, or you need to add some new "crazy girl" antics to your list.. this podcast is perfect for you.


Loveline with Amber Rose

I've been an Amber Rose fan since 2009 when she was in that Ludacris and Chris Brown video. When I heard she was coming out with a podcast I was super excited. She's joined by Dr. Chris Donaghue and they answer listeners sex and relationship questions. Now this show can get a little..... risque sometimes but it's also really really informative on all things love, relationships, sexuality, life!


In the Dark

I heard about this podcast after Georgia (from My Favorite Murder) was raving about how good it is. It's about the abduction of 11 year old Jacob Wetterling back in 1998. The podcast talks about what law enforcement did and didn't do which may be apart in why the case was unsolved for 27 years. The Wetterling case was known nation wide and sparked serious change in the way child abduction cases are handled today. It is so interesting!


I hope you guys check out some, if not all of these podcasts! You can find them on iTunes through the Podcast app on your phone or by downloading the app Overcast and searching for them there. Even if some of these don't sound like your cup of tea, check out what else they have. There are soooo many options and you will absolutely find one that you'll love! Until next time!

Noted, Nina

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