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20 Random Facts About Me!

20 Random Facts About Me!

Hey babies!

What's going on?! I wanted to post something fun today. I've been seeing a few of my fav YouTubers post "Random Facts About Me" videos that have been cracking me up. I thought it would be tough to think of some random facts for myself but once I sat down and thought for a second, they just started flowing. I figured it would be a fun way for you guys to get to know me a little, aside from what my favorite lipstick is! Let's get into all my weird quirks!

1.  When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I was playing around and started choking on a jolly rancher, thankfully my big sissy was there to save the day and give me the Heimlich maneuver. The jolly rancher went flying across the room and landed behind the couch. Months later when we were moving, we saw the jolly rancher behind the couch and started talking about what happened. Needless to say my mother was mortified hearing about this seeing how she was downstairs doing laundry while I went through this near death experience. Good times.. Good times.

2. I have a birth mark on the back of my knee that I was SO self conscious about when I was younger. Now I don't even remember it's there.  

3.  My real name is Kristina. My mums side of the family calls me Nina and my dads side calls me Teen.

4. I have a WEIRD phobia of hair. Hair that's not attached to someone's head.. Like hair that's stuck in a brush. UGHHHH, makes me squirm! 

5. My favorite subject in school was math. I hated everything else. 

6. I love to cook, I would always help my mum with dinner when I was younger. The first meal I mastered on my own was Chicken Piccata. Mmmmmm!

7. I have never broken a bone. Knock on wood. 

8. My dad used to live on Martha's Vineyard and we would visit him during the summers. One summer, Lissie and I went on a hike with him and our two cousins Max and Matthew. We got lost for legit hours. We noticed there was a stream up ahead, we all went running towards it like we hadn't had a drink in years (it had probably been like an hour). My dad was using his hands as little cups to scoop the water into our mouths. It was pretty much an episode of survivor. 

9. I've always been obsessed with fire so much so that when I was around 5 or 6 years old I set my moms income tax check on fire. How she didn't become a child murderer that day is beyond me.  

10. Another Heimlich maneuver story. I got a coffee coolatta and left it in the fridge for the next day. I SPECIFICLY told my sister NOT to drink it! I could see her bent over in the fridge sneaking a sip of my coolatta! I had to teach her a lesson, she couldn't just get away with something like that! So I ran up behind her and started giving her the Heimlich. She spit coffee coolatta all over the fridge, it even came out of her nose. Did she ever do that again? Nope.

11. My favorite movie growing up was The Little Rascals. Classic! 

12. I loooove rice. I could eat it every day. White rice, Jasmine rice, Chinese rice, Spanish rice. Anything!  

13. I've been told I'm a very slow eater. 

14. I didn't start wearing make up till I was 18 and out of high school.

15.  I've never tried a veggie that I didn't like. I love them all.

16. Pretty sure I have ADHD. 

17. I used to write short stories when I was younger. I wish I could find one, they're probably hilarious.

18. I wanted to be Harriet the Spy SO bad when I was little.

19. One night Lissie and I were up super late watching scary videos online and I really needed to pee so I made her come with me. My mum heard us coming and scared the living shit out of us so bad that I literally peed all over the living room.  

20.  I refuse to go down my basement. At 22 years old, something that happened to me when I was like 7 is still stuck with me. I went down there with my mum and was looking around while she did the laundry. She snuck up behind me and tickled me on the shoulder, I literally screamed at the top of my lungs for like 20 seconds. To this day, I will NOT step foot down there. 

That's it! I hope you guys enjoyed this little peak into my crazy, silly life. Until next time!  

Noted, Nina

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