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10 Christmas Games!

10 Christmas Games!

Hi babes!

This past Thanksgiving I made my little Thankful Jar that we each filled with something we are thankful for, we went around the table reading them and guessing which card belonged to who. We had so much fun that I figured why not incorporate some games into our Christmas dinner too!? It's no secret that we can some times get a little distracted by our new gadgets and goodies and forget that we should be spending time with our loved ones. These games are the perfect way to bring everyone together. 

Christmas Song Mad-Libs

I can only imagine how hilarious these Christmas song mad-libs will be (especially after a few drinks). You can find the printable copies here

Blindfolded Snowman

This will be a really fun one for the kids. The post I found on Pinterest says to put the plate over your head and someone reads off a series of instructions on how to draw the perfect snow man. I thought you could also just throw a blindfold on and give it a shot, just make sure you don't draw on the table cloth! Find more info here!

Christmas Bingo

Here we go, a good one for all the grandma's! Watch out kids, Nana's playing to win! Find the free printable's here.

DIY Christmas Photo Booth

Technically not a game, but how much fun would this be?! Just use some streamers to make a backdrop and make some props. SO CUTE! Find the tutorial here.

Left/Right Gift Game

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 2.40.47 PM.png

This is a really easy way to get everyone in the same room. Go out and grab a Dunkin's gift card, if they want in, they have to sit around the table. Hand it to one person and read this poem. Every time you hear RIGHT or LEFT pass it in that direction. Who ever has the gift card when the poem is finished, wins! Find the printable poem here!

Candy Cane Relay Race

Split up into two teams and see who can pass a candy cane down the line the fastest. BUT you can't use your hands! Good luck, losers clean the dishes. Find more info here! 

Reindeer Ring Toss

I can just hear my family laughing at how funny one of us would look with this on, never mind when we actually play the game! Good thing they're blow up, someone would be losing an eye with our aim. Buy it here!

Christmas Guessing Game

This is fun because you can either act out the thing on the card, or (without saying what it is) describe it. Either way you're sure to laugh. Find the printables here!

Christmas Cookie Face

Grab your favorite Christmas cookie and…. put it on your forehead. Try to get the cookie into your mouth without using your hands! Find this and more Minute to Win It style games here. 

Scoop 'em Up

Get ready to work those jaw muscles. See if you can scoop up and transfer ping pong balls (or marshmallows if you're really up for a challenge) from one bowl to another. Find this and more Minute to Win It style games here.

So there are 10 super fun and silly Christmas games that will definitely get everyone in the same room! Whether you celebrate mostly on Christmas Eve (like my family, 7 fishes bitches!) or on Christmas Day, these games are perfect for new traditions and new memories. Enjoy!

Noted, Nina

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