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Fall Essentials!

Fall Essentials!

Hey babes!

So.. yup, I'm back again to talk some more about how much I love Fall. It's just perfect. It's such a good time for fashion, beauty, yummy food and drinks and family/couple activities (yes, netflix & chill is included in that). I wanted to share with you some things that I would not be able to make it through Fall without.


Boots - There are so many options when it comes to boots. You have ankle booties, Uggs, snow boots, over the knee boots. So many to choose from! I love boots that you can dress up or just wear casually. My favorites this season are booties and over the knee boots. The over the knee boots below are from DSW. These can give your plain jeans and a sweater a sexy twist. The ankle booties are from Charlotte Rousse. These can really be dressed up or just worn casually. They're definitely a "get in every color" type of shoe!

Sweaters - I am definitely a layers kinda gal. I really hate to be hot so in the cooler seasons I always make sure I layer up so that if I get warm I can just strip a layer off. That's part of the reason why I love me some sweaters.. but also they're just so comfy (and Instagram worthy.. c'mon I know you were thinking it too). I'm really not picky when it comes to sweaters, I'll take a pull over, a button up, zip up, as long as it's cozy I'm in! I've been really into longer sweaters, they're great for those days that you want to wear leggings but don't want everyone seeing your entire ass cheeks. You can find these practically anywhere but the one below is from Forever 21. Another must have is a comfy sweater to run errands in. We've all ran into CVS looking like we're literally sponsored by PINK at least once in our lives. No shame, honey!

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 9.00.24 PM.png

Robe & Slippers - I am no stranger to slippers. I usually don't like to wear socks to bed, every once in a while when it's really really cold I will but not usually. I have to keep my slippers close by for when I get out of bed so that my little piggies don't freeze off. I recently got these slippers from Primark and I'm loving them so far. They're nice and fuzzy on the inside and they don't feel like they're gonna fly off like some other slipper I've had. It's also essential to have a nice robe for when you get out of the shower, the one below is from Target, but you can find one anywhere and in any fabric you want. The mornings are getting pretty chilly now, so no more getting ready in my birthday suit! 


Dark Lips - I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that one of the best parts about transitioning into Fall is getting to wear dark lips!  Don't get me wrong I love a bright lip (Candy Yum Yum by Mac is a classic!) but there's just something that a vampy red lip does to my heart! I'm a matte girl and I think dark lips look so good matte, I'm not really a fan of glossy dark lips. As you guys know, my favorite lip products are from Colourpop Cosmetics. There are a few colors from their Ultra Matte Lip collection that just steal the show for me. Below is Avenue, Beeper, and LAX.

Warm Tone Eyeshadows -  Nothing says Fall like a warm smokey eye. There are so many different palettes out there that will help you achieve that but my favorite is definitely the Morphe 35o palette. There are so many different looks you can create with this palette and the color pay off is really amazing for the price. 

Lip Balm or Chapstick - All my Boston peeps know how cold it can get here in the Fall and Winter months. There is really no pain worse than having chapped lips and being outside in the cold. You lick your lips trying to help but it just makes it 10x worse. I always make sure I have some type of chapstick with me year round, but especially in the winter. My all time favorite is Bag Balm which I went into depth about in my August Favorites post. I usually only use this at night because it's a little greasy and sometimes makes me look like I just got done eating a steak and cheese sub. For the day time I use Aquaphor, it's pretty much like any other healing ointment but I like the little squeeze bottle it comes in. I've gotten lucky the past couple of times I went to see my dermatologist.. once she leaves the room I stock up on the mini ones they have on the counter! 

Fall Nail Polishes - Just like the lips, I love switching my nail polish from a bright to dark. I'm not one of those people that have a signature nail color, I like to get something different every 2 weeks. A classic all year round is Bubble Bath by OPI, it's the perfect nude pink shade (although it looks more pink in the bottle) that turns dull nails into classy nails with just a few coats (wow, OPI what's good.. call me!) Second, we have the color that brings me back to my childhood…. yes, this deep red color called Malaga Wine reminds me of my childhood. This was my moms signature color for so long. I don't just love it for the nostalgia, it's also just a really pretty color. Last, we have Taupe-less Beach which is a really unique color. I love nail polishes that look different colors in different lighting. Sometimes this looks grey, sometimes just plain taupe, sometimes purple, sometimes tan grey. These three are on my list for my next few manis!


Fall decor - I've mentioned before that one of my favorite pass times is browsing through Pinterest for cute new ideas, yummy recipes, outfits, pretty much anything you could think of. I love looking up Fall decor inspo on Pinterest. You can find a bunch of DIY projects that can turn a boring Saturday into Craft-urday! If you're not that crafty you can find Fall decor at just about every store right now, but hurry up because before we know it the Christmas stuff will be out!

Fall Candles - it honestly wouldn't be fall if there wasn't a Bath and Body Works candle burning in my house. There's just a super cozy feel that a candle can add to your home. Bath and Body Works kills it year round with their scents but Fall is just on another level. A few of my favorites are Autumn, Marshmallow Fireside, and Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow. (if you're not a fire person, check out their room sprays!)

A Good Thermos - This definitely takes away from my born and raised in New England-ness but once the colder months come, I immediately switch from iced coffee to hot coffee. It just makes me feel so nice and cozy and warm inside. Some mornings I can get really busy at work so I need a good thermos to keep my coffee warm if I don't get to drink it right away. I got this Ello thermos from Target last year and saying its a good thermos is honestly an insult. This is the GOAT of thermoses. It keeps my coffee hot (not just warm.. HOT) from 7:15 in the morning until lunch time. It's perfect! Below are a few different designs they have.

Good TV Series - one of my favorite things about the fall is that my TV shows come back on! The only shows that I'm actually dedicated to are the Chicago's and Power every other show I watch is a take it or leave it kinda thing. Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, and Chicago Med all premier in the beginning of Fall and I'm SO obsessed. The cast (on all 3 shows) is literally the hottest people you'll ever see. It's so action and drama packed, you may think you know what's gonna happen next and BAM! Left fielder! I feel like if you watch one, you have to watch them all because the cast kind of intertwines every once in a while. If you've missed the first few seasons you can probably catch up On Demand or on the NBC App. Trust me, just watch one episode.. No one will have to twist your arm to watch the rest! 

Humidifier and Essential Oils - My immune system is definitely not as bad as it was when I was in school but it's really not the best. I catch the occasional cold, especially in the Fall and Winter. Something that really helped me with the cold I had a couple weeks ago is putting on the humidifier with a little bit of peppermint oil added in. I'm sure you can look up some good mixtures of oils to add to the water but I just like the peppermint. Maybe it's all in my head but I feel like it really helped me, try it out and let me know if I'm crazy or not! 

Okay, I know that was a lot to take in… But these are really essential for me to make it through the Fall! Let me know what you guys need to get through the season. Until next time.

Noted, Nina

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