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Current Obsessions! May 2019

Current Obsessions! May 2019

Okay….. it’s actually been 15 years since I did a favorites post. Why did I ever stop? I mean.. my bank account has definitely enjoyed the break in my constant product buying but it’s time we get back into it, amiiiiright?

I’m calling this my current obsessions because I’ve been loving these things for the past few months now, not just recently. If you remember from my old favorites posts, these things are all over the place, I have things from all categories! Yaaaa ready?!

Phone Accessories!


First up, an actual obsession…. my phone. I upgraded a few months ago to the iPhone XS after way too many years with my iPhone 6. I’m sure you know how amazing iphones are, so I’m not here to talk about the phone itself.. but what I keep it in!

To my surprise, Otterbox actually makes really cute phone cases! I always thought Otterbox cases were only for construction workers that accidentally drop their phone off the roof. I was shocked when I saw this gold, glistening case shining in my face. It’s really freakin’ cute, super sturdy & durable but yet still not bulky, and it hasn’t gotten filthy over time.

I do have to say, this was given to me for free from the Sprit guy.. you know how they pretty much bribe you with free phone cases or car chargers to extend your plan… yeah, that’s how I got it. When it comes to my phone cases, I’m usually a $10 on amazon prime kinda girl so I for sure wouldn't have bought this on my own seeing as they’re anywhere from 25-50 bucks (I’m cheap, get over it). To be honest though, now knowing the quality, I probably would splurge and get another one if I needed to.

Wow, okay enough about the case.. this phone ringgggg is the love of my life. I, like every other person on planet earth, was obsessed with my pop socket. I have to show love to the og pop socket, it changed my life and I honestly don't know how I lived without one but it was time for an upgrade.

I think this is just the cutest thing in the world. It’s so much fancier than a regular ol’ pop socket but still does what you need it to do…. aka helps you avoid dropping your phone on your face at night. You can also open it up and use it as a stand while you watch some YouTube vids or Netflix, perhaps.

okay… there is my absolute novel about my phone accessories! links belowwwwww

Adidas Ultimafusion!


These are my new favorite gym shoes! I struggle bad trying to find comfortable shoes to work out in. I have literally the flattest feet in the world (thanks to my father) and it’s so hard to find a pair with enough support. Usually I get 5 minutes into my cardio and my feet are already starting to ache.

With these, I can be 20 minutes into a treadmill warmup on 15 incline and 10 speed and my feet won’t hurt at all, hehe kidding, I can’t do all that.. but you get the point. They are so comfortable, so easy to throw on, and luckily, very airy so no stanky feet for me. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea for the gym but they work for me!

I picked up these dark grey ones because they were the only ones they had in store but I would probably go for the white & light grey ones or the nude & white if I bought another pair. Those ones are cuter and would be more versatile for everyday wear. None the lessss, they make my feet happy so I love themmm!

Witch Hazel!


I’ve worked with the brand Maple Holistics before and recently they reached out to me again, asking if I wanted to try one of their products since their brand relaunch. I went with the witch hazel and I am so happy I did!

Witch hazel has always been a ‘meh’ product for me… sometimes I use it and other times I just pass. Since I was gifted this product and I had the team at Maple Holistics waiting for my honest opinion, I knew I had to really buckle down and use it every night.

The first thing I noticed was how moisturized my skin felt after using it, some witch hazels have felt too tight and drying on my skin. I also really love the smell, it has such a natural, relaxing scent that is perfect in my night time routine to help settle me down for the night.

My favorite favorite favorite thing is how calming it is. I have really sensitive skin so when I wax or pluck my eyebrows, the next day I wake up with nasty little bumps in that area. I started putting a little witch hazel on a cotton round and dabbing it on my brows & it helps so much! Not only does it help to calm the redness from plucking/waxing but I no longer wake up with bumpy brows.

I’m really impressed with this product. I think I’m finally a believer in witch hazel & all of the amazing things it can do. Wether you use this exact one or pick one up from the drug store, I suggest giving it a shot!

Alsooooo, since you’re clearly into reading blogs, you should check out the Maple Holistics Blog. They share articles on product and food reviews, DIY’s, beauty trends, and natural product recommendations. I’ll admit, I spent way too long on their site one night scrolling through when I should have been trying to fall asleep!

Super Good Sunscreen!


okay.. it’s 2019, we all know how important sunscreen is and that we should aaaallllll be wearing it every single day. I won’t bore you with any more of that but I do have to tell you how amazing this sunscreen is. I picked this up after seeing a friend rave about it on her IG.

Aside from the fact that this is saving me from the harsh rays, it makes my skin so plump and moisturized. I honestly can’t decide if I like it more on its own or under make up. When it's on its own it just literally makes me gloooooow and under makeup it is the perfect base and really makes my foundation go on flawlessly.

Another perfect thing about this is that it doesn't break me out like most other sunscreens. It’s just amazing, There are so many good things I can say about it. I’m really excited to try more Super Good products.’

Alrighty, that's all I got for ya. Short and sweet, kinda. I really loved doing this post, I need to start doing them more often! Get readyyyyy!

xo noted, nina.

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