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What I Eat In A Day: WW Freestyle Part 6

What I Eat In A Day: WW Freestyle Part 6


I’m back again with another What I Eat in a Day post! It’s been a while, but I’m here and I’m ready to get it together honey! I kinda have no choice but to get it together becauseeeee…. I’M GOING TO VEGAS BITCHESSSSS! I have 5 months to get this booty, belly, and bank account together, yaaaa feel me?

As most of you already know, I’m following the WW Freestyle plan aka Weight Watchers before the rebranding. WW is seriously the only thing that has worked for me, ever, when trying to lose weight. If you wanna hear more about WW and the freestyle plan, check out my first What I Eat in a Day post. But nowwwww, let’s get into my meals!

Breakfast - 5sp

I’ve been on a breakfast sandwich kick lately, like for the past 2 months.. but this week I decided to switch it up. Zucchini omelet is something that my Nonni (great grandmother) used to make for my mum when she was growing up. Luckily, she passed it down to my mum who, you guessed it, would make it for me when I was growing up. You know us Italians, food and cooking has a much bigger meaning that just a way to stay alive. It’s love, it’s memories, it’s a way to show our appreciation. The smells and taste of things can really warm your heart. Okay, okay.. before I get emotional thinking about it, here’s how you make it!


Zucchini Omelet & Avocado - 4sp

15 eggs - 0sp

1 package zoodles - 0sp

1 medium onion - 0sp

grape tomatoes - 0sp

1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese - 4sp

1 tbsp. olive oil - 4sp

*makes 8 servings, 1sp each*

2 oz avocado - 3 sp

Preheat oven to 350. Start by sautéing the onion and tomatoes in olive oil in an over safe skillet. You can also roast the tomatoes which we did. When soft, add in zoodles. (We use zoodles because its easier, but if you want to buy a whole zucchini and cut it into pieces, that would work too.) Let the zoodles soften a little, they will cook more in the oven. Season veggies with a little garlic salt and pepper. Wisk together eggs, season with salt and pepper. Add the eggs to the pan. Let the eggs settle and start to cook for a couple minutes then add parmesan cheese on top. Transfer to the oven and cook for 20-30 minutes or until completely firm.

For being cut into 8 slices, the serving size is pretty good and would most likely keep me full for most of the morning on its own, but I had an avocado on it’s way out and….. who can say no to avocado?! One tip I have for avocado is always weigh it! I had a half of a medium sized avocado, if I plugged that into my WW app, it would be 5sp, but plugging it in by ounces saved me 2sp.


Iced Coffee - 1sp

8oz café bustelo - 0sp

3-ish tbsp. Califia Farms unsweetened Almond & Coconut Milk Creamer - 1sp

1 packet stevia - 0sp

So lately, I’ve been trying to cut out some of the dairy in my diet. I’m not committing to dairy free just yetttttt.. but maybe one day. My dairy intake varies each week but one thing that is consistent is my coffee creamer. I’m on the hunt for the best dairy free, point friendly coffee creamer and let me tell you, it hasn't been easy. I’ve tried some okay ones, but haven't really fallen in love with one just yet. This one is pretty good but like I said, not a ride or die.. ya know?

Lunch - 3sp

If there’s one thing that I will never get sick of…. it’s Beyoncé. Okay, two things.. Beyoncé and salmon. I find myself making random things for lunch and getting sick of them by Wednesday. Salmon on the other hand, I could eat all day err dayyyy.

I’ve made this meal before and shared it with you in another What I Eat in a Day post, but I’ll go through and let you know what I do.


Teriyaki Salmon - 1sp

Large fillet of salmon - 0sp

1/8 cup Kikkoman Less Sodium Teriyaki sauce -2sp

1/2 cup Kikkoman Less Sodium Soy Sauce - 2sp

Sriracha sauce (to your liking) - 0sp

3-4 cloves of garlic - 0sp

handful of chopped green onion - 0sp

*Makes 5 servings - 1sp each*

Broccoli Fried Rice - 2sp

1 bag/head fresh broccoli - 0sp

frozen veggies - 0sp

3-4 cloves of garlic -0sp

handful of chopped green onion - 0sp

2 eggs beaten - 0sp

1 1/2 cup cooked jasmine rice - 9sp

*makes 5 servings - 2sp each*

For the salmon, mix the sauces, garlic and green onion together and marinate the salmon over night or at least a few hours. Place salmon and remaining marinade in Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the fillet.

For the rice, cook up your frozen veggies, I used peas, carrots, and corn. Once defrosted, add garlic and broccoli and sauté for 2-3 minutes. Add rice and beaten egg, cook until egg is finished & finish with green onion.

This fried rice is my version of cauliflower rice. I’m not a huge fan of cauliflower rice (not sure why because I like whole cauliflower….?) so I replace it with good old broccoli. Your grocery store may already have broccoli in “rice” form but if not you can just throw a bag of fresh broccoli in the food processor or nutribullet or even go old school and chop it up with a knife!

I didn't add any soy sauce to the rice like most fried rices call for because the salmon was flavored enough. I think it could have been a bit overkill but do you if you’re a soy sauce lover! I loooove this meal so much, it’s so delicious and so satisfying.

Afternoon Snack - 0sp

I’ve really been trying to up my fruit intake. I’m pretty good when it comes to veggies, as you can see.. but fruit I could use more of. I decided to pick up 2 honeycrisp apples at the store and I’m seriously regretting only getting 2 because they are so bomb. Quick tip: if you cut your apple into small slices, you’ll trick your brain into thinking you’re eating more. It also just slows you down more, because for some reason I turn into a monster when I eat an apple and take insanely huge bites! :)


Honey Crisp Apple - 0sp

These babies are juicyyyyy! I will definitely be stocking up for my snack next week.

Dinner - 9sp

This meal has been in rotation for a few weeks now. You know I’m a creature of habit and when I find something I like, I make it 97 times until I’m sick of it! :) This is also really, super easy to make. I usually prep it at lunch and just throw it in the oven when I’m ready to eat.


Kielbasa & Potatoes - 9sp

1 Hillshire Farm Lite Polish Kielbasa - 18sp

1 medium onion - 0sp

12 oz frozen diced hash browns - 8sp

splash of chicken broth - 0sp

*makes 6 servings - 4 sp each*

Air Fryer Broccoli - 0sp

1 bag/head fresh broccoli - 0sp

spritz of olive oil spray - 0sp

garlic salt, crushed red pepper, lemon - 0sp

Slice the kielbasa however you like (I do it in circles but diced would be good too) and sauté until browned. Add in the sliced onion and sauté until soft. Season with garlic salt and pepper and add potatoes to pan. Mix everything together and transfer to a baking dish. If you’re making this ahead stop here, wrap in tin foil until you’re reason to bake. Once ready, preheat over to 350, bake for 20 minutes, add splash of chicken broth and mix and add for another 10 or so minutes or until potatoes are soft.

This broccoli is one of the few things I’ve made in my air fryer.. (please send me all your recipes and recommendations for air fryer food!!!!!) I love how it comes out! There’s a thin line between perfectly roasted broccoli and way too over done roasted broccoli. In the air fryer it comes out perfect every time!

I just spritz it with a little bit of olive oil spray, season with garlic salt and crush red pepper and cook for 10 or so minutes on 350. I give the basket a shake about half way through and top with lemon juice when finished. The tops are nice and crispy like a chip on same parts and the stem still has a nice bite to it. It’s soooo delish.

I finished this day only using 17 of my 24 daily points which doesn't happen often. I went to the gym after work and by the time I got home and dinner was ready it was close to 6:30 so I was stahhhvin’. I woofed my food down super quick and ended up giving myself a stomach ache, lol whoops! Because of my bloated belly. I didn't feel like a snack of anything after dinner.

On a regular day I would have probably finished my night with some Halo Top ice cream or a few mini Oreo thins, something to satisfy my nightly sweets craving!

And there you have it, another day in my kitchen! One thing I gotta tell you guys before I go that I always forget.. I drink SO much water during the day! I never mention it in these posts but seriously, water water water, all the time! Something that's really been helping me stay hydrated is this Atlin tumbler that I got for Christmas. It keeps your water cold for hours, like overnight hours! If you struggle with your water intake, grab one of these, fill it up and keep it next to you all day. It’ll stay so nice and cold, it’ll be refreshing all day long.

Alrightyyyyyy, that's all I got. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Expect a lot more of these in the months to come because I am ON IT HONEY!!!! *snap snap* Vegas body here I comeeeee!

Noted, Nina

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