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What I Eat In A Day: Weight Watchers Freestyle Part 3

What I Eat In A Day: Weight Watchers Freestyle Part 3

Hiiiiiiiii friends!

You guys seem to really like these posts, and I reaaalllly love doing them so we're back at it again! Not gonna chat your ear off like I usually do at the beginning of these, let's just get to the food!

Breakfast - 12sp


Sooooo, little background story.. last month my dad was in town apartment shopping and he asked me to come with. One of the apartments we went to look at was having a juice and breakfast event hosted by a local company named 6 AM Health. Now you guys knoooow I can talk and I got all that from my dad, so of course he started chatting it up with the owner of the company, Brad.

Brad's mission behind 6 AM Health is to deliver extremely fresh and nutritious foods to their customers before 6 AM. They offer juices, overnight oats, yogurt and fruit parfaits, and even salads. Coming from someone who knows the struggle of meal prepping food for the week, this is sooooo helpful.

To make a long story a little shorter, Brad and I kept in touch and I ended up ordering a few things from 6AM Health. I got the overnight oats, a parfait, and 2 salads. I had the overnight oats for breakfast this day and they were booooomb. 

6AM Overnight Oats

1 cup of oats - 4sp

1 1/2 cups almond milk - 1sp

sliced almonds - 2sp

chocolate chips - 4sp

unsweetened shredded coconut - 0sp



8 oz iced café bustelo - 0sp

1/2 carton Premier Protein Caramel Shake - 1sp


So with my oats and my coffee, breakfast was 12sp. That's definitely more than I usually "spend" on breakfast but these oats were sooooo delish and kept me full all morning. Now since I obviously didn't make these oats, I don't know exactly how much of each ingredient went into it soooo... these are pretty much all guesses. There are a few alterations I could make if I want to cut down on the points and seeing how tasty and delicious they were, I for sure will be. 

And my coffee, as always, good ol' Café Bustelo. <3 <3 <3

Lunch - 4sp

Burrito bowls are one of my favorite lunches to make. Seeing how corn and beans are now 0sp on the Freestyle plan, it only makes sense to throw them on some rice and call it a day. This meal was kinda of in my last What I Eat In A Day post buttttt… tweaked a bit.


Ground Turkey Burrito Bowl 

1 cup cilantro lime cauliflower/jasmine rice - 3sp

ground turkey w/ taco seasoning - 1sp

homemade pico de gallo - 0sp

corn - 0sp

pink beans - 0sp


I really love the cilantro lime cauliflower/jasmine rice mixture. If you're someone who doesn't believe in this whole "substituting carbs with veggies" thing, try this.. you REALLY cant tell the difference. And you know... I wouldn't lie to you guys! My favorite thing about these bowls is that you can mix it up and add or take out whatever you want so that you don't get bored.

Dinner - 8sp

This dinner right here...… THIS DINNER RIGHT HERE! Ugh, this dinner has a real special place in my heart. This is so quick and easy, it is definitely a go to for when I have no idea what to make or when I don't have much time (like podcasting nights).


Blackened Salmon w/ Rice

blackened salmon - 0sp

2/3 cups jasmine rice - 4sp

black beans - 0sp

3oz avocado - 4sp

Obviously today was a double rice day but...…. I aint mad at it. There are a lot of worse things I could be doing other than eating rice twice a day, am I right? The salmon is so *moist* (sorry I had to) and delicious when its blackened. I could literally eat salmon every day. 

One trick all my WW people need to know is you haveeee to weigh your avocado. This is a small one from Trader Joes, it came to 3oz which equals 4sp but in the WW app a small avocado is 7sp. Weigh, weigh, weigh! I put a little pink salt and call it a day. Yum!

Snack - 0sp

With my breakfast being 12sp I had to keep it with the 0 pointers for snacks. My snack of choice this week was mango. I'm also going to turn into a watermelon because I just literally cannot stop eating it. Fruit is always a go to for me, 0sp, delicious, refreshing... can't beat it.


Mango - 0sp

Soooo.. that's that 24/23 points. Another day of food, another day closer to my *goalz*. It feels good to be back on track after a bit of time off. It's really easy to fall off the band wagon but it happens to ALL of us. Just accept it, move on, and get back to it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and if you recreate any of these meals send me alllllll the pictures! If you're in the Boston area and looking for some easy and healthy foods, check out and tell Brad I sent ya! Happy eatingggggg, friends! 

Noted, Nina

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