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February Favorites!

February Favorites!

Hiiiiiii! You guys already know what I wanna say.. "OMG where has the month gone?" but like actually, where has it gone? I'm so excited that it's gonna be Spring before we know it! I'm so so ready! For it being a short month, I was able to find a few thangggs to share with you all!

Kat Von D - Sinner Perfume

Okay, so I've been on the search for my signature scent for a while now. I did a little searching before Christmas and asked for Gucci Bamboo buttttt.. it turns out I wasn't really crazy about it. So I did some searching again and fell in loooove with Kat Von D's Sinner perfume. It's described as a "Warm & Spicy" scent but it's still perfect for daytime. It lasts all day long and even stays on my clothes if I wear something twice. This scent is apart of a little duo, called Saint + Sinner, and honestly Saint smells just as good so I might need to pick that up next!


So I've tried Heartspring's lip balm before and really liked it (I even included it in my very first favorites post). So when I saw they were coming out with a face mist, I was like hm... do I need it? Yes I do. Now as a disclaimer I'm not sure if face mists actually do anything but whatever, I bought it anyways because I like NSS (NEW SHINY SHIT!).

So as a face mist, it's nice and hydrating and I really like using it after a mask. BUT, why it's in this favorites post is for it's magical eyebrow healing abilities. So I've been using azelaic acid for years and one of it's side effects is causing a lot of irritation after hair removal. For yearsssss, after waxing, plucking, or threading my eyebrows I immediately break out and gets a bunch of bumps around my brows. Okay.. so I did my brows the other day (wax/pluck) and then rubbed some of this on a cotton round and put it on my brows and...... NO BUMPS! I'm amazed and I will literally alwayssss buy this thing and have it in my collection.

Primark Puffer Coat

First, let me say the coat above isn't the exactttt one I have but it's very similar. Don't be jelly but I actually got mine at Primark on sale for $10! Yes, TEN DOLLAAAAS. I wasn't sure if I liked it when I tried it on in store because it's pretty cropped but I'm so glad I got it. I've been wearing it every weekend, on every errand trip, all the timeeeee. Sorry I couldn't find the link for the exact one from Primark but here's a superrr similar one from Pretty Little Things (that's currently on sale!)

Old Navy High-Rise Compression Leggings

Like I mentioned with the jacket, these leggings have also been my go to fit for everyyyyy Wegman's trip I've taken in the past month. Do you guys remember last winter I went to an event at Athleta and spent like $80 on a god damn pair of leggings... Well, these $30 leggings are sooooo much better. They are literally amazing. They aren't lying when they say high-rise compression! They are supppper high waisted and suck you in like a faja, honey. Amazing! I will definitely be purchasing a bunch more!

2 Ingredient Dough

If you listen to NN the Podcast, you'd know that I started Weight Watchers last month and with all the Pinterest-ing I've been doing for new recipes, I found this! I am just...... in love.
It's two ingredients - self raising flour and greek yogurt and that. is. it. YES! I've made it a few different ways and I can't wait to try it a million other ways! I did a whole post on it so if you wanna check it out, it's linked below.

Oooookay people, that's all I have. Sorry this post is a little late, we're pretty much half way through March already but get excited cause I already have some gooood stuff to include in next months favorites! Hope you enjoyed!

Noted, Nina

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