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What I Eat In A Day: Weight Watchers Freestyle Part 4

What I Eat In A Day: Weight Watchers Freestyle Part 4


It’s been a while since I did one of these posts... and honestly it’s because I’ve been falling off the wagon a little when it comes to my WW plan. I haven’t fully stopped counting points but I have been wayyyy more relaxed than I was when I first started out.

I’ve been going back and forth, losing and gaining a couple pounds for the past month or so. Part of me sees this as a waste of time but then again, it’s a real part of a weight loss journey and I’m okay with that.

I recently started working from home a few days a week so my meal prep has changed a lot since then. Before I used to spend all day Sunday prepping my breakfast and lunch for all 5 days. Now, I have more time in the mornings and during my lunches to spread out some of my cooking/prepping. Another great thing about not being in the office every day is that I can’t get temped by the cafeteria and restaurants near the building.

Alrighty, wanna get into some grubbbb?!

Breakfast - 6sp

I usually start my morning with some ice water and a cup of coffee right when I wake up and then later on in the morning, I’ll take 5-10 mins away from my work and throw together a quick breakfast.


Breakfast Sandwich - 5sp

everything bagel thin - 3sp

2 eggs - 0sp

1 slice of cheese - 2sp

salt/pepper/tobacco - 0sp

Coffee - 1sp

12 oz Café Bustelo

3 tbsp. Coffee-Mate Italian Sweet Crème Sugar Free Cremer - 1sp

1 packet of sweetener - 0sp

A breakfast sandwich has been my go to lately. They’re quick and easy, yet still yummy and satisfying. I also like that I can switch it up easily. Some days I’ll use a bagel thin, sometimes wheat bread, sometimes bacon, sometimes ham… the options are endless people!

Once the -ber months hit, I quickly transition from an iced coffee to a nice hot cup of Café Bustelo in the morning (yes, I’m aware I lose Bostonian points for not drinking iced coffees all winter long). My hot coffee combo has been the same for years. I tried this way back when I tried WW out for the first time in 2014 and I’ve had my coffee like this ever since.

Lunch - 5sp

To know me is to know that I am seriously in love with salmon. Like literally, could eat it everyday. I like it blackened, in a stir-fry, with breadcrumbs… all that shit! I love it so much that I will totally put up with the dirty looks when I heat it up in the work kitchen *shruuuuug!*


Fried Rice & Teriyaki Salmon - 5sp

1 package Trader Joe’s Veggie Fried Rice - 17sp

2 cups broccoli - 0sp

salmon - 0sp

1/8 cup Kikkoman Less Sodium Teriyaki Sauce- 2sp

1/2 cup Kikkoman Less Sodium Soy Sauce - 2sp

*makes 4 servings of rice for 4sp each & 4 servings of salmon for 1sp each*

I’ve done the cauliflower rice thing and it can definitely be yummy if it’s done right way (like how I make it into cilantro lime rice in my previous What I Eat in a Day post). For some reason I never thought to try broccoli rice which is weird because I like broccoli wayyyyy more than cauliflower.

Anywho, I fried up a pack of Trader Joe’s veggie fried rice and while that cooked I pulsed some fresh broccoli spears in my nutribullet for literally 2 seconds (if you don't have one, I’m sure a blender would work in pulses) Once the rice was close to being done, I added the broccoli and let cook for another couple minutes. This came out realllllly good but I think next time I’ll make my own fried rice if I have the time, just to cut out a couple points.

The salmon was super simple! I got a big fillet fresh from Wegmans, let it marinade overnight with both Kikkoman sauces, a bunch of crushed garlic, and my fav spicy chili garlic sauce and cooked it for about 20 mins @ 350. I will definitely be making this meal again for lunches soon!

Dinner - 12sp

This has been a staple in my dinner options for the past few months. Usually we have it with shredded rotisserie chicken which does cut down the points a bit since it is 0sp but today we decided to have it with beef! It’s a pretty easy dinner to throw together and really fun to stack them up and munch on them.


Beef Tostadas - 12sp

3 small corn tortillas - 5sp

fat free refried beans - 0sp

1/2 cup (93% lean 7% fat) ground beef - 3sp

homemade slaw - 0sp

5 tbsp. guacamole - 4sp

fat free Kraft cheddar cheese - 0sp

Trader Joe’s salsa - 0sp


I start by toasting up the corn tortillas on a cookie sheet (I spritz them with a little olive oil spray so they don't burn). While those crisp up, I cook the beef and season with any taco seasoning of your choice, and heat up the refried beans. I threw together the slaw the night before which is super easy. It’s a bag of broccoli slaw, greek yogurt (fat free is 0sp), salt, pepper, and some pique. The slaw adds such a fresh, cool taste.

These are fun because they're so easy to switch up every time you make them. If you have any veggies left over from other dinners you can add those on there, different kinds of meat like chicken or ground turkey, or add things like lettuce, fresh avocado, mango salsa.. whatever floats your boat! Just as a warning, they’re so messy but ehhh whatevs, they’re worth it!

And thereeee ya have it. I finish my day at 23/23 sp. Most days my dinner is a little bit lower in points so I have a few left over for a snack but honestly, after those packed tostadas I was set for the night anyways.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I’m ready to get back on it, with counting and posting! I loveeee sharing my meals with you and I hope you get some good ideas for you weekly meals! Until next time!

Noted, Nina

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