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January Favorites!

January Favorites!


I hope your 2018 is off to a good start! I've never really cared, or changed anything with the beginning of a new year but for some reason 2018 has just motivated me! I'm really looking forward to putting in the work and having 2018 be my best year yet. I hope you guys like the new layout of, it should be a lot easier to navigate now. So take a look around at old posts and be on the look out for a bunch of new posts coming soon!

I actually have lots of stuff to share with you this month. Randomly enough, half of them are shower related. So.... If you like showers, this is the post for you! Here we go..

Ivy Park Sweatshirt

I mean.. you guys know, anything that is signed off by the Queen Bey is a go for me, and I swear, not just because this is from Beyonce's active wear line, but this is literally the most comfortable sweatshirt ever. The material around the waist, wrists, and collar is just sooooo soft and stretchy it like grabs you and holds you tight. I've been wearing it on pretty much every errand trip since I got it for Christmas. I even wore it to Nordstrom, in the Ivy Park section, while trying to exchange Ivy Park slides that I also got for Christmas.... overkill much?

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Lipstick in Spanked

I actually want to put all of the Fenty products I have in my favorites post but I'll just stick to this for now (maybe I'll do a Fenty Face post and tell you guys about how amazing all of them are). This color is just soooo gorgeous, I can't. The formula is so creamy and comfortable but still matte and long lasting. I'm just in love. I also got the color PMS but I haven't found the right time to bust out a dark brown lip yet. I'm sure I'll love it and I'm sure I'll be purchasing more colors in the future!

Duolingo App

So if you listen to NN the podcast you are probably sick of me talking about this, but if you're just a NN reader you're like..... what? Well.. I've decided to learn Italian! And I'm using the app Duolingo to help me. I saw this app recommended by a blogger/youtuber who was learning Spanish (which is next on my list). The app makes it really easy and fun to learn a new language. I'm 36% fluent right now and I'm hoping to be 100% by the summer time. I have a couple of Italian speaking friends, so maybe once I finish all my lessons, I can hang out with them and onlyyyy speak Italian to learn the rest of the stuff the app won't teach me.

Threshold 2-Way Mount Curved Shower Rod

I never knew I could love a shower rod this much.... literally. Our old rod broke recently (which our kittens are to blame for) so we went to Target to pick up a new one and we saw this bad boy. I've been to hotels where they have these curved rods and always really liked them. It makes the world of a difference! There's really only a 3, maybe 4 inch difference from where our last curtain hung but I feel like I have a whole foot of extra room in there. If you have a small shower, you NEED one of these.. trust me!

Deva Curl No-Poo

This has been my favoriteeeee finds since starting my Curly Girl Method Journey. Pretty much the first thing you learn when you start the CGM is that traditional shampoo is a no no. The chemicals that make the shampoo lather are super drying for curly hair. This "No-Poo" has zero lather. It's a little weird to get used to the whole zero lather thing at first but once you rinse it out and realize how clean but yet moisturized your hair is, you'll move on! My hair feels so squeeky clean without the squeeky-ness (aka dry & stripped of natural oils).

Lush Scrubee Bar

This little baby has been saving. my. life. this winter! My skin has been so dry, especially on my legs and this is making such a difference. The exfoliating part is made with suuuuuper finely ground almonds and coconut shell and the moisturizing part of the bar is a mixture of honey, cocoa butter, and shea butter which is like the holy trinity of moisturizing. This bar is just amazing and perfect and I love it so much.


Lizzo - Truth Hurts

Lizzo has been my spirit animal for the past couple months, I literally can't stop obsessing over her. Her music makes me feel like the baddest bitch alive, her confidence gives me confidence. If you listen to NN the podcast you know that her lyrics have been the "t-shirt quote" of the week more than once now. This was the first song I heard of hers and it brought me one of my favorite quotes, ever... "I DON'T PLAY TAG BITCH I BEEN IT!!!!!" Iconic.


Oooookay, there you have it. Starting the year out with a buncha random shit for ya. I'm so so so excited to be blogging more. Are you ready for 2018 to be the year of Noted Nina??? Because I AM! If you have any ideas or topics you'd like me to talk about, let me know!

Noted, Nina

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