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Podcast Photoshoot OOTD!

Podcast Photoshoot OOTD!

hi, hi, hi!

Guys! It's been so long (again), I've missed you! I've been working on a lot of different things lately.. one of those being Noted Nina the Podcast!!! I'm so unbelievably excited, I can't even explain it. If you haven't checked it out yet, I posted a little preview episode that you can find on iTunes and a new episode will be coming out tomorrow!

I asked my right hand WO-man (aka my sister) to do a little photoshoot with me for the podcast cover and I figured I might as well throw the OOTD deets in there, too!

First let me say, if you're not following @targetdoesitagain on Instagram, you're missing out on life. They always share the cutest stuff that Target has in store and online and they're always sharing deals and promotions.

I was looking through their Instagram story one day and saw this super cute flowy jumpsuit with something like "now available online! only $9.97!" written across it. Um.... $9.97?! Yes please. I ordered both colors they had available, this black one and an olive green one and I know I'll be living in them this summer. Sadly, they're not on sale anymore.. but they're so cute, you might wanna pay full price for them.

Cropped Jumpsuit | Target | buy here

Denim Jacket | Forever 21 | buy here

Sandals | DSW | buy here

Sunglasses | Quay Australia | buy here

If you only buy one thing from this list, it should definitely be the sunglasses. I'm obsessed! They come in a few different colors and I seriously want to buy them all. I have been wearing these black fade ones every. single. day. since I got them.


I'm super happy with how the photoshoot came out. Big, huge thanks to my sissy for slaying and dealing with all my different location changes! Thank you guys so much for your support and your patience on this whole thing. Here's to the next chapter.. NOTED NINA THE PODCAST BITCHES!!!

Noted, Nina

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