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Worth the Hype? Tarte Shape Tape Concealer!

Worth the Hype? Tarte Shape Tape Concealer!

Hi babes!

If you're into make up at all, even just a little bit.. I'm sure you've heard of or have even tried out the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. If there were some kinda Billboard Hot 100 list for make up products, this would have been number one for like 20 straight weeks.

It took me a while to get my hands on this because I was on the hunt for the lightest color which had been sold out forever! It turns out I didn't actually need the lightest color, so I picked up Light Beige.

The first thing I noticed about this concealer was its smell. I've never really had a concealer that smelled like anything, never mind smelled good. It kinda has a perfume smell to it. At first I wasn't sure I would like that, I thought it would irritate either my skin or my eyes but it doesn't at all. Once the concealer is applied and blended out, the scent is gone.

The applicator is literally the greatest thing that's ever touched my face. It kinda looks like a regular doe foot applicator but just super-duper sized! It's so cushion-y and holds so much product.

For an everyday look when I just apply a little concealer under the eye, it can be a little annoying that the applicator holds so much product. On the other hand, when I'm going for a full beat and highlight and contour the shit out of my face, it's perfect. 

My under eye concealer pretty much always creases but my most recent concealer/setting powder combo has been giving me life. I'm using the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Light Beige and setting it with Beauty Bakerie's Flour Setting Powder in Translucent. 

If you're not someone who is down with the "blending is my cardio" life this is the perfect concealer for you. Sometimes it is annoying to literally BEAT your face with a beauty blender or brush for 5 minutes to blend your concealer out. It takes me about 30 seconds for each eye to perfectly blend this out. *hallelujah hands emoji*

This will set you back $25 which I think is pretty normal for a higher end concealer. Tarte offers 14 different shades that are a pretty good range of colors. It's very light weight, you won't be able to tell its on at all. And.. it's vegan! If you care about those kinda things.

Not to finish this like a 7th grade 5 paragraph essay but.... "All in all", the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is 100% worth the hype. I'm hooked. I can't imagine going back to a regular doe foot applicator or a concealer that doesn't blend out seamlessly in about 3.5 seconds. I really don't think there's anything else on the market right now that can compete with this. Do you need it? Yes, you do. So go! Remember, it's sold exclusively at Ulta! Until next time.

Noted, Nina

(all pictures via @tartecosmetics on Instagram)

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