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What I Eat In a Day: WW Freestlye Part 5

What I Eat In a Day: WW Freestlye Part 5

Hiiiii peeps!

Back again with another what I eat in a day! I really, really enjoy making these posts. It kinda makes me feel like I have my own cooking show, ya know. As you guys know, I’ve been *trying* to follow my WW plan but I haven't really been doing a greaaaat job.

I tried to keep it simple this week. I’ve come to realize, I will stick to my meal prep/plan if I make something that I really, really enjoy *duh*! Lately it’s been pretty tough to stick to my plan with all the holiday parties, busy nights, and ya know, any other excuse I can think of! I’m being pretty lenient with myself until the end of the year, but once January rolls around.. I’m back to it! Full throttle.

Breakfast - 4sp

I had planned to have scrambled eggs with bacon for breakfast, but for some reason when I woke up I was craving something sweet. This doesn't happen often but when it does, my GO TO is the Premier Protein waffle and pancake mix.


Chocolate Chip Protein Pancake

1/4 cup Premier Protein mix - 2sp

1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk - 0sp

handful of Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips (up to 39 pieces) - 1sp

1/8 - 1/4 cup Cozy Cottage Sugar Free Syrup - 0sp

strawberries - 0sp



12 oz Café Bustelo

3 tbsp. Coffee-Mate Sugar Free Italian Sweet Crème - 1sp

1 packet Stevia - 0sp

As always, I start my day with a delicious cup of coffee that has just gotten even more heavenly since the mornings are so cold now.

The pancake is pretty self explanatory. The box says just add water but I think adding the vanilla almond milk makes it even better, and for 0sp.. why not? Sometimes I add blueberries but today I was feeling spunky so I added some chocolate chips. I’m more of a milk chocolate girl so these are a little strong for me but I don't mind them in pancakes and covered in syrup.

This Cozy Cottage syrup is the best sugar free one I’ve found so far. Some of the other ones have a strange after taste that I am not a fan of! I paired it with some strawberries today, but sometimes I have it with a banana just to get my fruit intake and fill me up a little more.

This kept me full until lunch and it satisfied my sweet tooth, I think it was a win!

Lunch - 4sp

You guys know I love to cook food from all different cultures. It's so much fun playing around with new seasoning and techniques. I always look up a few recipes to pick up on the basics. Butttt, no matter what authentic food I try to recreate, I always put my own spin on it.. so if this isn't the way your mama makes her chicken shawarma, my bad girl I gotta put the Nina touches!

Chicken Shawarma has been in our dinner menu rotation for a couple months now and it always hits the spot. I thought it would be super satisfying for lunch, but I would definitely have to switch some things up to make it lower in points. When we have it for dinner, it’s usually a heaping portion of chicken, probably a cup of rice, some cucs & tomatoes w/ feta, and tzatziki which can equal up to 10 points sometimes.

Like I’ve said in my other posts, my favorite way to keep my lunch low in points is to pile on as many 0 point foods as I can. That is exactly what I did with my deliciousssss chicken shawarma plate!


Chicken Shawarma Salad

chicken - 1sp

greens - 0sp

cucumber & tomato salad - 0sp

chickpeas - 0sp

1/4 cup quinoa - 2sp

1 tbsp. tzatziki - 1sp

1/8 cup fat free. feta w/ sundried tomato - 0sp

Guys..... this was so freakin good I can’t even tell you. The only thing that would have made it better is adding some arugula which I will def be doing next time! It kept me nice and full for the rest of the afternoon until dinner time (a few days I had a fruit for a snack between lunch and dinner). 

So quick run down of how I made everything:

chicken - marinate chicken breast in lemon juice, crushed garlic, garlic salt, paprika, turmeric, Jamaican curry, ground cumin & a little cayenne pepper for at least a few hours. Sauté in 1 1/2 tbsp olive oil (the reason why it’s 1sp instead of zero, but it’s necessary to get it nice and crispy), chop into small pieces. 

quinoa - (I made it in my rice cooker) add 1 cup quinoa, crushed garlic, juice from one lemon, and garlic salt to rice cooker, fill with water, when finished fluff with fork. If you’re not using a rice cooker follow instructions on package and add seasonings if you’d like (trust me, it’s so good!)

chickpeas - sauté drained chickpeas, crushed garlic, curry powder, and paprika (I added chili sauce because you know I like my shit spiiiiicy)  

The rest of the stuff is a given. As always, you can switch up or add any veggies, maybe add some carrots, red onion, olives (may add points), pepperoncini... you name it. 

I premade mostly everything and just threw it together at lunch time which saved me so much time! If you don’t mind everything being one temperature, you could throw it all in one container (minus tzatziki) butI think heating up the chicken, quinoa, & chickpeas and then mixing it with the cool salad, feta & tzatziki is sooooo delicious. 

So clearly, this chicken shawarma is a new favorite and if I’m not having it for my weekly lunch, I will for sure be having it for dinner one night. Plzzzz make it! 

Dinner -  13sp

Listennnnnn, chipotle is lifeeeee! I could honestly eat it 3 or 4..... or 5 times a week (kidding, kinda) Ugh, I’m nuts, but you know what, I gotta live in my truth! Just look at this beautiful mess!!! <3

When I have nothing planned or forgot to defrost some chicken (we’ve all been there), Chipotle is my go to. It’s so easy and soooo delicious. When I first started on my WW journey, I was literally ecstatic that Chipotle food is *relatively* low in points.  


Chipotle Burrito Bowl

White rice - 6sp

1/2 serving black beans - 0sp (full serving is 1sp) 

1/2 serving pinto beans - 0sp

fajita veggies - 0sp

chicken - 3sp

2 scoops red salsa - 0sp

cheese - 4sp

Seriously... the best part and pretty much the main reason I love chipotle so much is their red salsa. That shit is to die for! It’s that kinda spicy that makes you feel like your mouth is on fire but you can’t stop eating it. To be honest.. if I could buy that in stores and just keep it in my fridge, I really wouldn’t need to go to chipotle! I can make my own delicious rice, beans, veggies & meat, but it just wouldn’t be the same without that sauce! 

My order can sometimes vary but this is pretty much the basics. Sometimes I’ll switch out the chicken for a half serving of carnitas seeing as the full serving is sadly 6sp. I also adjust the points depending on the serving they give me. We’ve all had that chipotle worker that gives literally 3 grains of rice or on the other hand, the one that is a little heavy handed with the cheese. If I notice I’m getting a lot more or less than a “usual” serving I’ll change my points in the app.

If you’re someone who can’t have your burrito without guac or sour cream, I have some tips for you! If I’m really craving the extras - I’ll ask for it on the side and measure from there because a full serving can add a lot of points. Another hack I like to use is adding my own low fat sour cream or some homemade avocado smash. Being more conscious of things like this can sometimes save me 10+ sp.

I finished my day with 2sp remaining. Wowwwww look at that! Usually when I eat Chipotle, I am full for the rest of the night (more like stuffed actually lol). These foods are definitely meals that will be in constant rotation not only when I’m strict on my WW plan but when I’m not so strict as well. They are all just so delicious and practical.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! As always, please send me some pics if you make any of these meals! Until next timeeeee, happy eating!

Noted, Nina

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