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April Favorites!

April Favorites!


Hi babes!

Back again with another monthly favorites! As always, where the hell did April go? Can't believe it's already May aka the best month ever! (May 10th is my birthday bitches!)

So, I know I've been slacking a bit on my product testing the past few months. I really just hadn't been buying any new products. But, I got some new stuff and I'm super excited to actually have some beauty favorites for April! Shall we..?

13 Reasons Why

Boy, oh boy. I read this book a few years ago so I was super excited to see it was made into a show. No spoilers, but it's about a girl in high school that commits suicide and sends tapes to the 13 people that were the "reasons why". And let me just say, shit gets real.

There seems to be a big scandal going around because of this show saying that "no one is responsible for your mental health but you" and I'm kinda on the fence with that. Yes, we have the power to let things effect us or not and people need to be self aware.. but being realistic, most peoples problems in life are caused by situations with other people, especially at that age. 

Either way, I think this show is so, so important. I think the more people who watch it, the more awareness there will be around teen suicide and what we can do to prevent it. Parents, talk to your kids! Teachers, talk to your students! And teens, talk to your friends!


Sephora Pro Flawless Bronzer Brush #46

I'm in love with this brush! I don't actually use this for bronzer, I use it to blend my foundation and it works like a dream! I like to use a really dense brush, it just seems to blend better. I wasn't sure how I would like how short and chunky it is but it's not as bad as I thought it would be to hold it. This will definitely be replacing my Morphe G6 brush that I was using before.


Shea Moisture Leave-In Treatment

This product will be a life saver for all my curly girls! I love how versatile this is. Some times I use it when I'm styling my hair after washing it, this will coat your locks and nourish them all day long. Other times, I'll use this to freshen up already dried curls. The product is thick and can sometimes get a little sticky when spraying it on dry hair so I think I might add a little water to thin it out a bit. I'm sure this would also be great as a detangler.


Mac x Larlarlee Lipstick

Okay, so a few weeks back I posted on my IG about the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in "Angelo" and how it was my "perfect nude" well... turns out, I jumped the gun. I still like it, but it's actually too peachy to be my "perfect nude"

But, have no fear.. I found a new baby that I am SURE is my true nude. This is the real thing. It's the Laura Lee and Mac collaboration and it's iconic. Honestly, truly. I've worn it almost every day since I got it. It's the perfect matte-but-not-drying finish.  It's the perfect color. I know it's limited edition and is currently sold out (don't kill me) but I'm not sure if it'll come back., so keep an eye out because you NEED it.


Beauty Bakerie Translucent Flour Setting Powder

I've been following this company of IG for a while and recently placed my first order and I love it! I ordered this setting powder and a liquid lipstick and they're both amazing. The lipstick is literally.. permanent. Their thing is #WhatSmudge and it's legit, like smudge? Nah, not these lips baby!

Anyways, the translucent powder is soooo fine. It will not feel or look like you have powder on. It gives your face such a pretty finish while still keeping all your liquid/creme products in place. Definitely gonna be a staple product in my collection.


Name Necklace

I've had this necklace for probably 4 or 5 years now (but with Kristina not Carrie, who the f%#k is Carrie?!) and I'm not sure what's been going on but I feel so emotionally attached to it lately, it's weird. I wear it every single day and always make sure I put it in a safe spot when I take it off (which I don't usually do with anything else, and my mum can confirm that)

I really wanna get one that says "Nina" and one that says my boyfriends name because I'm a psycho.. hehe :)


There ya have it, all my faves for April. I'm so excited that it's May. I have so many exciting things coming up this month!! Birthday celebration, sisters wedding celebration, Noted Nina 1 year Blogiversary celebration and a top secret project I'm working on (celebration?). Until next time!

Noted, Nina

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