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March Favorites!

March Favorites!


Hi babes!

Spring has officially sprung! I mean, calendar wise? It's Spring. Weather wise? It's still Winter. But it's okay! We're getting there, slowly but surely. It's been a busy month, let me tell ya. I've been planning my sisters bridal shower (that's now just a few days away) and it's gonna be littttt. Luckily, somewhere in between surfing Pinterest for party ideas and a bunch of TJ Maxx trips, I was able to try out some new products. Here's what I've been loving!


Target Mossimo Supply Co. Slip on Sneakers

This is me.... in shoe form. I am addicted to blush pink this season so when I saw these I knew I had to have them. They're so comfy and don't hack up the back of your ankles those first few days of breaking them in. I got "no show" socks to wear with them. I've seen this exact shoe in Macy's for $60 so shout out to Target (where they're $25) for letting me ball on a budget!


Bath & Body Works Coco Shea & Honey Lotion

Hoooomygawd. How have I lived 22 years of life without this? It may seem like a weird mix, coco butter, shea butter, and honey but trust me... the scent is to die for! I went into B&BW to stock up on some Spring candles and also wanted to check out the Coco Shea Honey Shower Jelly which unfortunately has beem sold out *crying emoji*. I got the lotion instead because I just couldn't leave the store without something Coco Shea Honey after smelling it for the first time. And all I can say is yes. yes, yes, yes!



I know I just did a post about my 12 favorite podcasts and this wasn't one of them, but that's because it wasn't out yet. This 7 episode series was released on March 28th and by April 4th (less than a week later) it was downloaded a whopping 10 MILLION times! I'm not gonna begin to describe it.. because I'll butcher it. It's technically a true crime podcast but not your typical "who's the killer" true crime podcast. Trust me, just listen to the first episode.. get a snack ready because you'll definitely be binge-listening all afternoon.


Athleta High Ride Mesh Tux Chaturanga Tight

I got invited to an event at the Newbury Street Athleta store recently and picked up these leggings. Now luckily I have pretty good genes and was born with a good butt *insert peach emoji* but these leggings just took my ass to a whoooole new level. Like Kardashian status but that real real! They're so comfortable, they're not see through at all, they're nice and high waisted so they don't roll down when you walk. They're just amazing.. expensive as f@%k but amazing none the less. If you're looking to splurge, do it up!


Clarisonic Mia1

I'm not really sure what's been going on with my skin lately but it's been giving me a big "eff you" this month. Every section of my skin is so different so it's difficult to take care of.

I would say about a year ago I started getting serious with my skincare routine. It doesn't matter how tired I am, I have to take 5 minutes to finish my routine. But I'll admit sometimes I just wash my face with my hands instead of the Clarisonic. I notice such a difference in my skin when I don't use it. It's a life saver, nothing will ever clean my face better than this!


Well, there are my (random) March favorites! I'm so excited for Spring, my sisters Bridal Shower, my sisters wedding, my birthday, opening the windows in my room to let the fresh air in! YAAAAAS! Until next time!

Noted, Nina

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