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June Favorites!

Hey lovies!

I can't believe it's already June.. Where is this year going? I'm excited to see what the summer has in store for me. It's been really great so far, hopefully it stays that way! Let me tell you about all the things that have gotten me through the month of June!

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One Piece Mossimo Bathing Suit - I found this bathing suit at Target sometime in May, I've gotten to wear it a few times this month and I can tell that I'll be living in it for the rest of the summer. Now if you're one of those girls that swore you would have your bikini body ready and then you blinked and it was already Memorial Day *raises hand*, this suit is perfect for you. There's something about bathing suit material that can either add 10 pounds or subtract it. Some materials cling to all the wrong places, but this material kind of sucks all those wrong places in. Now don't get worried, it won't feel like you're wearing a corset, it'll just keep everything in the right place! It's such a cute design but if you're someone who tans fast, beware of funky tan lines. Mossimo has stepped up their bathing suits a lot this year, so even if you can't find this exact suit, I'm sure there will be one that catches your eye.

Aldo BUXBAUM Sunglasses - As you guys know from my May Favorites, I am in LOVE with Aldo/Aldo Accessories. When my birthday rolled around my friend Valentina asked me if there was anything special I wanted which we pretty much ask each other every year and as usual I said "well…. I don't know, anything!" After a couple minutes she finally got me to narrow it down to "anything from Aldo!" She did an awesome job picking out these sunglasses (she also got me a little sunglasses pouch and cute earrings). She knows I love gold, she knows I love black and she knows I love funky glasses. All three of those were perfectly mixed to create this beautiful pair of shades. 

Caribbean Escape Room Spray - Bath & Body Works is pretty much heaven in my eyes. I would say their summer collection is the best but every season has such delicious smells that you'll want to drown yourself in. This room spray is literally the most perfect summer scent. All you need is a few squirts and it fills the whole room with the amazing smell. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Caribbean Escape scent on their website, but I linked below the rest of the room sprays they have available online or you can pick one up in store. 

Milani Prime Shield Mattifying + Pore-Minimizing Primer - Out of all the "mattifying" primers that I've tried, this is the only one that has actually worked. I've tried high end and drugstore, none of them get the job done. This primer goes on extra smooth and you really feel like it's shielding your skin once it's rubbed in. My skin has always been on the dry side but for the past year my skin is so oily I could barely keep my glasses on my face without them sliding down my nose. This has definitely helped to keep my makeup on for longer.

Mac Mineralized Skinfinish - This product and the Milani primer have become summer essentials for me. I first apply the primer, then my foundation or bb cream and then set it all  with this Mineralized Skinfinish. Before using these two, there were days that I would need to blot my nose after like an hour of having my makeup on. That's just too much work! With these two I can usually go 4-5 hours before blotting my face. If you have normal or dry skin, I think this product will still look amazing on you. It really give you a nice natural finish and kind of has a blurring effect as well. I'm in the color Light Plus if anyone was wondering.

Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Baked Highlighter - As you saw from my Ipsy bag post, I got this baked highlighter in Bellissima. I was skeptical at first seeing how I am not a blushed cheeks kinda girl but after the first time wearing it, I was sold. This gives you such a nice pop of color and when the sun hits you, there's a beautiful (but subtle) shine to it. DLS Cosmetics also has a gold baked highlighter in Sunkist if you're going for more of the oh so popular "glazed donut" look.

Video by India Arie - This song is definitely somewhere in my top 10 favorite songs of all time! There's something about it that just puts me in such a good mood. Every time I hear it I have to stop whatever I'm doing and sing at the top of my lungs. For the past 15 years this song has taught me how to love myself inside and out. When I was a chubby little 4th grader, this song made me realize that I'm me, I'm always going to be me, and that's the best thing I could ever get to be. Enjoy! 

I hope you all loved seeing what I have been obsessing over this month! Until next time!

Noted, Nina

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