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Mini Lush Haul!

Mini Lush Haul!

Hi babes! 

I stopped by Lush recently because I had some of their black pots to return . If you didn't know, they have this awesome program that they'll give you a Fresh Face Mask for FREE if you return 5 empty black pots. Uh huh, you know I love me some free shit! The sweetest kid helped me and talked me into buying a few other goodies while I was in there. Ugh, he really had to twist my arm (NOT!) Let me show you what we picked out!


Cupcake Fresh Face Mask - this was the free mask I picked for bringing back my pots. I've tried this before and I love it! I included this in my two step pamper night routine post. It's SO good for oily and acne prone skin (hi, that's my skin). Another reason why I love this mask is because the Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute in it calms redness (yup, also my skin). I mean, this mask was pretty much created to solve all my problems in life so of course, I had to pick it! 

Tea Tree Toner Tab - This has become an essential pick up every time I go to Lush. I just think this is the greatest/cutest idea ever. This was also included in my two step pamper night routine post. It's literally a facial in a tab. Plop it in a bowl of hot water and stick your face over it and just enjoy the steam. This is amazing to do before any mask (but especially the Cupcake mask) because it really opens up your pours to then clear them out with the mask. The best part is that you can keep the water for a day or two to use as toner after cleansing.

Hair Care

Just a little back story... I've been having some trouble with my hair lately or should I say my scalp. I'm not sure if its because of the winter or what, but my scalp has been so dry and flaky lately I'm about ready to trade it in for a new one. So, after picking out my Cupcake mask and Tea Tree Toner Tab the kid that helped me asked if I had ever tried the shampoos. Could he see my dandruff? Was I scratching my scalp like I had lice or something? I wonder why he asked me that... But anyways, here's where the arm twisting came in. He took me over to the shampoos and showed me the Shampoo Bars. I told him the issues I've been having (which, clearly he already knew) and he helped me pick the two most perfect little bars.

Lullaby Shampoo Bar - This was the first one we picked out. It's made to help irritated and sensitive scalps. It's ingredients are, of course, all natural. It's made with oat milk and almond meal which are both super calming for the scalp. The Lullaby Bar smells like Lavender which I think is so soothing.

Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar - So I surely didn't need two Shampoo Bars, but what the heck. Once my friend explained this Jason and the Argan Oil one to me, I needed it. It smells like roses which I've been obsessed with lately. It obviously has some argan oil in there which is amazing for hair. And it's super moisturizing, which is perfect for my scalp issues.

Body Butter Tin - My Lush friend told me the best way to keep the Shampoo Bars is to keep it in one of these little tins so that it doesn't dissolve faster than it should. They have one that's the same size as the shampoo bars but it's sometimes hard to get the bar out of it while soaking wet in the shower, so he suggested getting the bigger one.. So that's why I did!

I've only tried the Lullaby Shampoo Bar so far and I really like it. All you have to do is rub the bar on your head, get some of the product on there and then start scrubbing like you would with any other shampoo. These bars last for up to 80 washes which I think is nuts. Both of these bars contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is found in A LOT (like a lot, a lot) of different shampoos. I've been trying to cut out all sulfates in my hair products to protect my curls so I only plan on using these maybe once a week to help my scalp issues.

I'm so happy with all the goodies I got and I'm excited to be trying some new things at Lush. They have so many awesome and interesting looking products, so eventually I'd like to try them all and let you guys know what I think of them! Until next time.  

Noted, Nina

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