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How Much is My Face Worth? Everyday Make Up Look!

How Much is My Face Worth? Everyday Make Up Look!

Hi babes!

I'm a strong believer in the saying "Do I need it? ... No. Am I gonna buy it? …Yes" especially when buying make up. I mean really is "too much make up" even a thing? I sometimes get the cold sweats thinking about how much money I've spent on make up in my life. I saw this post idea on Pinterest and thought do I dare?! Well… I thought it would be fun to see how much money really goes into an average, every day make up look. Here goes nothing!

1. Primer - NYX First Base Primer Spray $7.99

Okay, first things first, prime the face. This seems to be the only primer I can't really tell is there which might sound like a bad thing, but trust me there is nothing worse than feeling like your primer is sliding off your face. I'm mainly using this to make sure there's a barrier between my skin and my make up. Spritzing this on my face definitely helps me wake up in the morning too. 

2. Powder - MAC Mineralized Skinfinish (Light Plus) $33

Next I go in and set the primer with this powder. I pack a little bit of this all over my face then move to foundation. Now I know this may seem backwards to you but this is literally the only thing that prevents my oils from separating my foundation. 

3. Foundation - Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Stick (120-Classic Ivory) $8.99

Since I already have some coverage from the setting powder I only need a small amount of this foundation (with a little extra on the cheeks to cover the rosacea). Since this is an every day look, I don't want it to be too full coverage. I try to go for a "no, this isn't make up.. my complexion is naturally this even" kinda look. 

* now I just lightly brush my face with the excess Skinfinish powder left on the brush to set the foundation *

4. Concealer - Maybelline Better Skin Concealer (Ivory) $8.99

I was on the hunt for a good drug store concealer for everyday, work and errands type of days. This is super easy to blend and doesn't crease as bad as other drug store ones I've tried. The color selection is small so I got the one that was a little bit lighter than my foundation for a subtle brightness under the eye but not too much. The color is close enough to my skin tone that I can also use it to cover impurities. 

5. Under Eye Setting Powder - Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette (Lyric) $14 for refillable pan

Is it me or have I talked about this under eye setting powder like 47 times? It's just so good! It adds the perfect amount of brightness under the eyes to make you look like you're actually awake when you're definitely not. So happy that they finally came out with refillable pans so you don't have to repurchase a whole palette.

6. Bronzer - Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer $14.95

This is my go to bronzer. I apply a bit of this to the hollows of the cheeks to add some dimension to my face. This color is perfect for a subtle contour but also to bronze up the entire face. It's so creamy and super easy to blend. Anyone just starting out with make up should definitely try this out.

7. Eyebrows - Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (Medium Brown) $21

I just recently switched back to the brow wiz and immediately fell in love all over again. I'm feeling the feathery, effortless looking eyebrows and this executes that perfectly. I always clean off any foundation or powder that got on my brows before penciling this on the sparse parts. This gets your eye brows on chill fleek, not full fleek... chill fleek!

8. Mascara - Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara $23

I used to be so against high end mascara because it all does the same shit, right? I got in my Ipsy bag a few months ago and I've been in love ever since. I have very straight eyelashes even when I use an eyelash curler. This mascara coats them perfectly, is super black and doesn't flake at all. When I get another lash lift (which I plan on doing soon) this makes my lashes look ahhhh-maze!

9. Lips - MAC Creme Cup Lipsick $17

On a lazy day, I just throw on some lip balm (my favorite is currently the Hanalei Company Lip Treatment) and call it a day. But when I'm feeling like I need a little extra sum sum, I'll throw on some Creme Cup. It's pretty sheer so it doesn't look this bubble gum pink on my lips, it just adds to my natural lip color and makes it pop a little more.

And there you have it, my everyday, go to make up look. Now for the juicy stuff, using all these products, my face is worth $148.92! That's actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. This has definitely made me realize where I can cut things out and possible replace things with a more affordable option. It would be interesting to do this with skin care, that's where the real big bucks are! If you guys would like to see that let me know! Until next time. 

Noted, Nina

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