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YouTube Beauty Influencers You Need To Follow

YouTube Beauty Influencers You Need To Follow

Hey babies. 

YouTube is the second most popular social media outlet (after Facebook) in the US. You can literally search anything. I am on YouTube at least 6 times a day. I always find myself looking up how-to's for my MacBook that I've had for like 3 years. YouTube can answer all your questions. That's a very helpful part of the site but let's be serious, you know why I'm there. The beauty community on YouTube is seriously taking over the world. It may seem weird to some people that setting up a camera and filming yourself doing your make up is actually a full time job (#goals). I'm gonna share with you my favorite beauty influencers to watch (and stalk) on YouTube.

Nicole Guerriero - As I've mentioned a few times before, I literally copy everything my older sister does. I'm pretty sure Lissie started the watching-makeup-videos-on-YouTube trend. The first person I remember her watching is Nicole Guerriero so for us, she's the OG YouTuber. One way to know if you're a true YouTuber fanatic is if you feel like you're actually friends with the person you're watching. And needless to say, Nicole and I are bff's. *insert two girls dancing emoji* Is that creepy?? Call it what you want. She's hilarious and so gorg! She's able to pull off any hair do, cut, or color (even that ratchet Rihanna red that was amazing on her.) Her tutorial on french braiding is the ONLY video that actually stuck for me, thank youuuuuu Nicole! I'm obsessed with her vlogs. For anyone who doesn't know what a vlog is, you literally record your whole day and post it on YouTube. Sounds amazing right? Some peoples vlogs are soooo boring (shade) but for some reason watching Nicole drive around singing and letting her road rage out brightens my day. Okay this is getting creepy, just go watch her videos. You'll love her.

Kathleen Lights - okay, Kathleen is another bff. I've only been watching her for maybe a year and a half but she became a fave quick! She's so freakin funny, I've actually cried laughing at some of her videos. She's so honest and I never feel like she's only talking about a product to get money from the company like some other YouTubers (more shade). She's collaborated with a few different companies and all of the products she's created are amazing. Kathleen Lights does some tutorials that I personally can never see myself wearing. But another way to find out if your a true fanatic is if you watch those tutorials anyways. I'll never wear a bright green eyeshadow, it's just not me. But I'll be watching just because I know she's gonna have something informative or hilarious to say. I.e. her infamous "dats esspensive" that I die for every time. The video below is so hilarious, I cry every damn time I watch it.

Amy Macedo - Surprisingly enough, my make up obsession only started about 3 1/2 years ago. In high school I didn't wear a stitch of make up, unless I stole a mascara from Lissie. I wore eyeshadow and mascara to prom. Yes, just eye shadow and mascara, no foundation, nothing. (hot mess) I wanted to contour and highlight so bad! I tried it a few times before finding this video Amy put up on how to contour if you have a round face. Once I saw this video, I was hooked. I think a part of the reason why I love her so much is because we kind of resemble each other. Dark hair, light eyes, fair complexion, full face. It makes it easier for me to visualize the look on myself She also finds amazing dupes. I have no idea how she does it but she literally finds an identical color for all the latest (overpriced) products. Her style is so cute. Whether it's clothes or home decor she always has the cutest stuff!

Lustre Lux (Katy) & Desi Perkins - I mean, if these two aren't #FriendshipGoals, I don't know what is. They each have their own channels but the videos they do together give me life. They are so hilarious. Their style is perfect, like perfect. Their make up is always on point. And most importantly they're so real and honest. I love how even though YouTube is their "job" they still let their personalities come through in their videos. And by that I mean I like that they swear. I understand some people don't like to because they have a young following but eh, sometimes it's necessary. They are also super active on snapchat and they always post funny stuff on there so go check them out. @Desiperkins @LusterLux

Carli Bybel - Ugh, Carli is probably the most gorgeous human I've ever seen in my life. Face, gorgeous. Hair, gorgeous. Body, gorgeous. Boyfriend, gorgeous. She's practically perfect. She's always dressed so nice, even her "chill day" outfits are amazing. Every video she posts starts out with an inspirational quote which I think is really cute and unique. I've never seen someone slay a nose contour better than she can. She just launched a clothing collection with the company Miss Guided and every single piece is drool worthy. Her palette with BH Cosmetics is so pretty and affordable, it's really a must have!

Jaclyn Hill - Jaclyn is definitely a cult favorite in the YouTube beauty community. She has almost 3.5 million subscribers which is NUTS! She used to work at Mac so she definitely knows her shit. All of her videos are super informative. She will tell you the good and bad things about a product, what skin type it's best for, and what it will help with in the long term all in about 12 seconds. She collaborated with Becca Cosmetics to make first a highlight in Champagne Pop which sold like hot cakes. She's also created other products with them like Prosecco Pop, split pans with highlighter and blush and Champagne Pop in different formulas. I only got my hands on Champagne Pop but I'm sure the other products are amazing as well!

Manny MUA - Hey Manny you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind! Hey Manny! No seriously. I love watching Manny's videos. He always starts the videos by saying "As always, if you don't like this video or you don't like me….. Please don't f**ckin' watch it" in the most sassy voice you can imagine. I LIVE for that, every time he says it something just takes over my body and yells "yaaaaaaas!" I think it's amazing and so brave that he didn't care about the "norm" and was like you know what, yes I'm a guy but I'm gonna snatch this face. He's influenced and gave confidence to so many young boys out there that felt like they shouldn't wear make up. There's a video of Manny Mua and PatrickStarrr (another YouTube beauty influencer) meeting a younger boy who is just starting out with his own beauty channel and I literally cry every time I watch it. It just warms my heart! It makes me happy that my generation is finally accepting of people being who they truly are. 

Please go check out these YouTube Beauty Influencers. *Warning* only start watching their videos if you have no plans for the day, because trust me… You will get sucked in!!

That's all for now, until next time. 

Noted, Nina

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