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The Makeup Date at Bloomingdale's!

The Makeup Date at Bloomingdale's!

Hi babies!

Holy shit….. So I was invited to a beauty event hosted by Bloomingdale's in Chestnut Hill called The Makeup Date and um, I'm dying. I feel like this is the first step to getting some blogging street cred. A blogging event.. who woulda thunk it! Here's everything you need to know about my day at Bloomies!

The Look

Clearly this was the first beauty/blogging event I've attended so I wasn't really sure what to wear. I knew I wanted to wear something super chic and classy, not too dressy but not too casual. I surfed Insta for a while and figured I couldn't go wrong with a black midi dress! 

One fashion rule that I am a strong believer in and follower of is that it doesn't matter how much you spend on something, what matters is how it looks on you. I don't care if you're wearing head to toe Tello's, if you look cute.. work that shit! With that being said, you'll probably never guess where I got this super chic midi dress! Drum roll please……. K-Mart. Yup, that's right… K-Mart. They're really stepping their game up over at K-Mart between the Nicki Minaj collection and the Adam Levine collection. 

Shop the dress here

I decided to wear some type of cover up with this dress because I thought it would be a little too much on its own. Ya know, there's a time and a place for everything. I wanted to look like I was attending a beauty event, not the club. I did some online browsing on a few different sites with no luck but ended up on Boohoo and found this perfect nude duster (side note to any older folks reading this; I'm not talking about the dusters your mother or grandmother wore while she scrubbed the floors on her hands and knees). This was my first time shopping at Boohoo and it turned out they were having a 50% off promotion going on! Woooop woooop! 

Shop the duster here

I'm not much of a heels girl. We all know the "I don't usually wear heels" walk, never a good look. I wanted to avoid that so I was looking for a ankle bootie with a wedge or chunky heel. I did some lunch time shopping (what else is new) and found these adorable peep toe, peep heel (did I make that up?) ankle booties. 

Shop the shoes here

When I did a little test run outfit try on a few days before the event I knew right away which bag would go perfect with the look. I got this clutch back in March from Kiki La Rue Boutique and it's my favorite favorite favorite clutch ever. The snake skin print is so beautiful and it's big enough so you can fit more than just a lipstick in it.  

Shop the clutch here

Now maybe you think I'm crazy because I bought an entirely new outfit (besides the clutch) for this one outing but if you think about it… These are all staple pieces that can be worn time and time again (if you can't tell, my favorite part about being a girl is being able to justify anything!)

I wanted to stay in my comfort zone when it came to makeup. I like simple and natural looks that…. require a full face of makeup to achieve. *shrugs* I think a simple eye, lashes and a bold or nude lip is the perfect look for almost any occasion. 

Foundation - Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless

Contour - Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette

Eyebrows - Colourpop Bangin' Brunette Brow Pot

Eyes - Morphe 35o & Colourpop La La & Fringe Shadows

Lashes - Ardell Deluxe Demi 120

Lip - Colourpop Chi (limited edition, not available anymore) 

The Event

Okay enough about me, let's talk about the blast I had at this event. I ended up sitting with a few other bloggers after I made awkward "can I sit with you guys" eye contact with them. We had a blast together. They were so inviting and friendly, so naturally, we all started following each other on the gram. Hi girls!

There were people walking around with little hors d'oeuvres and drinks for everyone (they really know how to please ya girl). I enjoyed a goat cheese and tomato crostini... or two and a raspberry tini (so fancy). The store manager of the Bloomingdale's Chestnut Hill location was the host of the event. He was so funny and witty.

We started with skin care. They brought trays of their most popular skin care products from a few different high end brands to each table. A specialist from each brand got their time to explain each of their products that were on the tray. We were able to test all the products on our face or hands. I had to test on my hand because as you can tell from above, I clearly wore a full face of makeup. But all of the products were amazing! Let me tell you.. my hand had never felt softer!

Next were the seasons hottest makeup products. Oh yes, bring it on baby! There were products from companies like NARS, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, and a few others. They were also talked about by an associate from the company. We got to swatch and try on any, or all of the products. Again, I didn't think this through and wore a full face so I swatched everything on my hand.

I really loved that they had reps from each company there to explain each product. I mean, I wouldn't have had a problem with them dropping tray of goodies in front of us and saying "dive in!" But it was actually helpful to hear their favorite ways to use some things or the order they use them in.

Bloomingdale's, if you're reading this.. this event was perfect for the "consumer". We got to physically try the products and were able to learn things about them that a product discription wouldn't tell us. I honestly think this could be a seasonal event (maybe I'm just being greedy). Every season has its own trends, products, and skin care needs. I have to say.. having the event this time of year is genius, even if someone didn't find something for themselves (highly doubt it), they would definitely find something for someone on their Christmas list! 

The Goodies

Okay people, here comes the good stuff So periodically throughout the event, they brought out a basket of goodies to raffle off. To my complete and utter (holy shit) surprise, I WON THE FIRST RAFFLE! Honestly, I never win anything like ever ever ever! For some reason, maybe because it was the first raffle pick or because my new (way more experienced) blogger friend was recording too, I decided to take a snapchat of them picking the winner.

"It will be…….. NINA!" and all you hear from me is a huge gasp, I throw my phone across the table and pretty much tackle the woman holding my new baby! When I saw what was in the gift basket I immediately got 10 times fancier. I won a basket with over $500 worth of La Mer skin care products!!! WTF!?! Is this what it feels like to win a Grammy? Or the lottery? Maybe a new car? I honestly didn't think it was real. I was just thinking "okay… someone's gonna stop me on my way to the car and ask for this back, huh?" 

There's this girl… you may have heard of her before, her name is KIM KARDASHIAN, yeah…. she uses La Mer products. Do you guys realize that this now means Kim and I officially have something in common? I am SO so super excited to be trying these products! Now you guys know, regardless of winning this stuff and regardless of who is a fan of these products, I'll be sharing my honest opinion. Here's what I got….

The Illuminating Eye Gel

The Body Refiner

The Cleansing Micellar Water

The Cleansing Foam

The Treatment Lotion

The Regenerating Serum

The Eye Concentrate

Crème de la Mer

My one concern is that I'm going to fall madly in love with one (ugh, please not all) of these products and end up spending my whole pay check on a moisturizer. Oh well, you know what they say.. "you only live once, so spend all your money on skin care and maybe one day you'll wake up looking like a Kardashian" that is how the saying goes right?

We also got these adorable tote bags that we were able to get customized with some script or block writing. After thinking long and hard I went with "Noted Nina" and I'm obsessed! Had to monogram that name on it so you know its real *Drake voice*. We also got a big bag of all kinds of perfume, skin care and makeup products/samples that I've been sorting through for days!

All in all I had such an amazing time at The Makeup Date event. A lot of other bloggers seem to be very nonchalant when it comes to attending events, maybe because they do it more often and are used to them but I'm just so overwhelmed with happiness to have even been invited that I had to share with you guys. The fact that someone values my opinion and work enough to invite me to anything is incredible! I'm really happy that this was my first event, thank you Bloomingdale's! Here's to many more!

Noted, Nina

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